Relationship & Family Counseling

Families can be our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Family conflicts can be some of the most difficult to deal with because they occur at home, where we expect to be the most relaxed and comfortable. At Christian Counseling, we offer faith-based counseling for all family and relationship issues.

Family Counseling

Family dynamics change over time. Whether you are experiencing difficulty due to teenage children becoming distant or experimenting with alcohol or drugs, the family is going through a divorce, or is in turmoil due to the loss of a job or a new, demanding job, Christian Counseling can help. We understand the family dynamic and can assist you in learning how to communicate and work toward a solution.

Blended Families

Blended families are a fact of live today. Our experienced counselors can work with the blended family group to assist with the new family dynamic and ease the transition to the extended family.


They don’t hand you a manual in the delivery room. Parenting in today’s world presents challenges – from mothers working, stress over day care and schools, drug and alcohol use to raising a child with strong Christian beliefs. We are here to help you with your questions and issues.

Children and Adolescents

If your child is experiencing difficulty, our trained counselors can help. Whether your child is having difficulty due to a divorce, bullying or trauma, is going through a difficult adolescence or is struggling with drug or alcohol use, we will work with them to identify their issues and help them to find a solution. Many times, having an independent person listen provides the perspective they need. We offer age-appropriate therapy, including play therapy for young children.

Aging Adults

Whether you are an adult who is losing some of your independence as you age, or are a caretaker for a parent or spouse, we can help you cope with the changes and demands of the situation.

Couples Counseling

Maintaining a long-term marriage requires commitment and communication. Every couple experiences difficult times and counseling can help you work through the issues that arise. These can range from the tensions of raising children, busy lives that leave no time for each other, problems at work that are brought home, to infidelity.

Sex Therapy

Intimacy is an important part of a successful relationship. Our compassionate staff can work with you to identify the underlying issues impacting your sexual relationship and work with you to resolve them.

Divorce Recovery

Divorce is hard. It takes time to recover and move on. Our counselors are trained to help you with the psychological trauma of divorce while you are going through the process and afterward as you build a life after marriage.

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We offer individual, family, and group counseling and can create a counseling program to meet your specific challenge.