Grace-Based Parenting Classes

Classes for parents and/or caregivers providing parenting strategies to grow healthy relationships with their children that are a reflection of God’s grace to us.

Ongoing Topics:

  • Understanding Behaviors and Misbehaviors within Your Child and within yourself as a parent
  • Encouraging your Child- Skills to Build God’s Designed Identity within your Child
  • Communication Skills- Listening and Expressing
  • Communication Skills- Utilizing Right Brain and Left Brain Parenting Strategies
  • Utilizing Natural and Logical Consequences to Raise Responsible Children
  • How to Identify Conflict Styles and Bring-About Conflict Resolution

Parents are welcome and encouraged to join all classes or attend specific topics that may be of interest. Child care is not provided.

At Christian Counseling Professionals, counselors are committed to helping parents understand the minds and hearts of their children. This faith-based life class is designed to give parents the skills and strategies necessary for raising their Children.

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