Lost Connections

Lost Connections

Has your relationship has become boring or dull and you feeling like you lack closeness, affection, or romance?

Nearly every couple experiences this to some degree because as life continues changing and moving forward the relationship may not grow alongside life changes. Busy schedules, careers, children, family, and other obligations leave little time for keeping the spark alive.

How does this happen to couples?

On a day to day basis, couples can miss opportunities to share details of their lives and innermost feelings and needs, they stop physical contact with each other and do not share intimacy needs, spouses are no longer listening to the needs of their mate, and the couple is not making time for each other and the family unit.

This may spark feelings of:

Anger, feeling disconnected, lack of free and open communication, depression, anxiety, insecurity, feeling unable to share needs and wants, and resentment.

This leaves one feeling alone in a marriage, fear and uncertainty, emotional absence, loss of the spark that drew you together.

How we can help?

Goals for therapy will seek to eradicate stereotypes of what a “good relationship” should be and will help you identify what your relationship goals are now and in the future. Therapist will encourage the couple to work toward having fun together, invest in each other and dedicate time for the relationship, and provide a therapeutic environment to communicate openly without fear. Therapy will be tailored to the needs of every couple.

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