Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, affect a large number of children, teenagers, and adults. While many of the patients who have an eating disorder are teenage girls, the disease is also found in younger children, adults and teenage boys. The underlying causes of the disease are usually emotional issues that need to be treated in order for long-term recovery to take place.

Because the physical impact of anorexia and bulimia are severe and can lead to death if not treated, it is critical to treat both the physical and emotional aspects of the disease during treatment. Unfortunately, many patients are not treated until the physical symptoms are critical, which requires hospitalization. At that time, treatment for the psychological causes of the disorder can begin.

Treatment for eating disorders can be long-term as underlying emotional issues causing the disorder are deep-seated and may involve the patient’s relationship with family and friends. At Christian Counseling Professionals, we have experience in dealing with eating disorders and can provide the long-term counseling and psychiatric counseling required for treatment. Our medical staff is available to coordinate with the treating hospital for critical cases and can monitor the patient after hospitalization.

We offer individual counseling for the patient and family, supported by family and group counseling if needed. Our goal is to identify and address the underlying causes of the disorder and provide the patient with strategies to build their inner resources so they can recover and live happy, successful lives. Patients learn to identify triggers for the behavior and how to successfully cope with them, with the additional support of their faith and God’s love.

We are here to help you, whether you are seeking treatment for the first time or are looking for support after hospitalization.

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