Blended Families

Blended Families

What is a blended family?

A family unit that consists of a couple and their children from the current and previous relationships. Adopted and fostered children may also be living in the home and have regular interaction with the family unit.

How do blended families come together?

Single parents in new relationships, remarriage, death, divorce, adoptions, co-parenting with other family members such as grandparents, or multiple families living in close contact and helping raise children.

Potential Emotions & Situations include:

Family stress, conflict, differing parenting styles, lack of trust with step parents or step siblings, establishing new family norms, dynamics, and roles within the unit, as well as grief, depression, and anxiety

This may cause a difficulty with family transition and a sense of loss of control. Children may experience difficulty in school, aggressive behaviors, defiance, low self esteem, and sibling abuse.

About half of marriages end in divorce, and 1,300 new step families are forming every day (US Bureau of Census).

How we can help:

Therapist can help families determine the new expectations and family structure that works for the new family unit. Therapist will provide ideas, skills and approaches to managing the changes in your blended family. Family members are helped to adjust to new rules and work on guiding behavior. Individual therapy is always available to any member of the family. Therapy will be tailored to the needs of the family and members.

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