Affair Recovery

Affair Recovery

The revelation of an affair can be extremely traumatic and bring on a torrent of emotions; fear, anger, confusion, and rejection.


An affair can shatter  security and self image to the very core.  Questions can flood the mind;

What did I do wrong? What does this mean to the family? What was the other person like?, What did they do? Who is my spouse?  Do I divorce?


Infidelity can also include emotional affairs, social media affairs, dating apps, sexting, or any relationship that seeks or involves an emotional connection and is kept secret from the other spouse.


It is estimated that 30-60% of marriages will be effected by infidelity.

You in your experience are not alone and there is hope.

While affairs can shatter families to the core, 60 to 80% of couples who seek help and work on the relationship recover from the affair.

Many report a new and healthier sense of self and an improved marriage after counseling and some hard work.

The potential for growth and healing after an affair can in fact leave the relationship better than it was before.


What causes an affair?

It was thought that the lack of emotional connection and intimacy, communication and understanding, or lack of respect and security were the core factors that led to an extramarital affair.

These symptoms do proceed in some affairs, but not all affairs. It is now understood that the root of most affairs is a void in the self-identity of the cheating spouse. These voids are there long before the marriage and were never addressed in a healthy way.


What does recovery look like?

Recovery involves but is not limited to the following steps


Ensuring the affair is over

Care and recovery of both spouses

Understanding the root causes of the affair

Rebuilding trust

Identifying the needs of both spouses

Defining the new marriage with clear boundaries and commitments


How can we help?

Our therapist are skilled at helping heal after an affair. They can help the couple rebuild a new sense of self and a new and improved marriage

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