Womens Counseling

Throughout life, women experience many unique circumstances and situations. Often, women go through trials that feel never ending. Counseling can help women work through the issues that arise throughout changes at any point in time in their lives.

Women’s Counseling

Women experience many battles in their lives. Whether you are struggling to work through anxiety, depression, anger, identity/self-worth, marriage/relationships, parenting, or a major life change, our counselors can help. We recognize that women go through rough times throughout their lives and want to help them discuss what they are feeling and how to navigate through the trials.

Identity & Self-Worth

In today’s society, many women struggle with who they are, want to become, and what they believe they are worthy of. At Christian Counseling Professionals, we want to help women understand their self-worth and purpose.


Anxiety can affect women’s every day obligations and emotions. Our hope is that we can help women work through their anxiety, as well as the emotions that come with it, to sustain and live a happy and healthy life.


Depression can be debilitating and make women feel alone. You are not alone. We are here to help you talk through your battles in depression and restore their hope and happiness.


Struggling with anger? Our counselors want to assist you in working through your anger, what makes you angry, and how to effectively problem solve when anger arises.

Body Image

Many women struggle with their body image, by comparing themselves to others. This affects how women portray themselves. At CCPNM, we don’t want you to continue to play the comparison game and instead, see yourself in a positive light.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can affect a women’s body image, self-worth, everyday life, and health. Our counselors recognize how difficult eating disorders can be. We want to help restore your health and work through the everyday struggles of living with an eating disorder.

Marriage & Relationships

Maintaining a marriage or relationship takes effort, time, and communication. Our counselors are here to talk through any issues or concerns you are experiencing with your boyfriend or husband, and keep the love alive.


 A mother and child bond lasts for a lifetime. Being a mother is a relationship like no other. At CCPNM, our counselors will discuss with you any of the exciting or stressful times of being a parent, and how to build a strong relationship with your children.

Life Transitions

Change is always hard to go through. Whether it be a move, a new relationship, divorce, a loss, transition to parenting/adoption, or retirement, our counselors are committed to walking with you through this change.

Healing from the Past

Struggling to cope with your past? Our counselors want to work through your past issues and help you look forward to the future. Remember, the your future is bright.

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We offer individual, family, and group counseling and can create a counseling program to meet your specific challenge.