Teens and Adolescents

The time period of transitioning to adolescence often brings new challenges for those individuals and their families. At CCPNM, we are here to guide adolescents and their families in their journey of becoming and being a teen.

Teens and Adolescents

The years of adolescence is a time of many changes. Often, teens have trouble with the transition to adolescence. Some teens struggle with behavior or identity issues, bullying, eating disorders, self-injury, or relationships. Our staff strives to work closely with these teens to cope with the emotions and changes they experience during adolescence.


Behavior Issues/Emotion Regulation

During Adolescents, teens experience many trials in regulating their emotions and behavior. We want assist them to identify the difficulties of regulating their emotions, and guiding them with effective strategies to combat their behavioral or emotional issues.

Bullying/Social Media

Social Media has become an outlet for adolescents to connect, but also a source of bullying and pain for others. We want to help teens experiencing cyber-bullying to talk through their emotions and how to cope.



Eating and Body Disorders

Often, teens struggle with their body image. At CCPNM, we want teens to know that they are not alone in this journey and can restore their lives with a healthy and happy body image.


Some teens deal with pain in harmful physical ways. At CCPNM, we are committed to help teens identify the source of their pain and alternative ways to cope.



Identity Concerns

Throughout the many behavioral, physical, and emotional changes in adolescence, teens often find themselves questioning who they are and want to become. Our counselors are committed to walking with teens who need help restoring their identity.


Adolescents form many strong bonds, friendships, and relationships. Our counselors want to assist adolescents in learning about their new relationships and friendships and discuss all the situations that can arise, in order for adolescents to have strong effective bonds.



Healing from the Past

It is important to move from the past to plan for a better present and future. At CCPNM, we are dedicated to help teens and adolescents make peace with their past.

Life Classes for Teens and Adolescents

Christian Counseling Professionals offer classes for teens and adolescents to help them heal and grow.

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