Sex Therapy

Intimacy is an important component of a relationship.  It connect couples and strengthens their relationship.

Sex Therapy

Lacking or having trouble with intimacy can be frustrating for many couples. Our staff offers sex therapy to restore the love and intimacy in your relationship or marriage. Whether it include, lost of interest, trauma, sexual addictions, or sexual issues, our staff is here to help you.

Loss Interest and Libido

When a partner loses interest it can become discouraging. At CCPNM, we recognize that intimacy is very important and want to help couples restore their interest.

Recovery from Trauma

After a traumatic event, individuals experience many emotions that affect their intimacy and love life. Our staff wants to guide any individual struggling from repressed feelings from trauma to healing and restoration.

Sexual Addiction

Struggling with sexual addiction can be a difficult habit to break. Our staff is committed to walking with those who struggle with sexual addiction and how to cope.

Sexual Issues

Many individuals and couples experience sexual issues which can be frustrating. Our staff wants to help identify the root of sexual problems and assist in how to move past them.

Healing from the Past

Past events or repressed memories can be carried into intimacy. At CCPNM, we offer healing from the past to move forward and restore intimacy in their lives.

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