Marriage Counseling

Maintaining a long-term marriage requires commitment and communication. Every couple experiences difficult times and counseling can help work through the issues that arise. These can range from the tensions of raising children, busy lives that leave no time for each other, problems at work that are brought home, to infidelity.

Marriage  Counseling

Marriages change over time. Whether you and your partner are newly engaged, going through recovery from an affair or crisis, need assistance on restoring love or connections in your relationship, or merging families, we are here to assist you in any road block in your marriage.

Affair Recovery

Affairs can wound us to our very core. It is hurtful, stressful, and confusing. We can help you navigate the personal and relationship recovery process. Your old marriage is gone, Let’s build the new one.

Lost Connection

Have you and your spouse drifted apart? Does it feel like you live with a roommate, instead of the love your life? We can help overcome communication, intimacy, and forgiveness issues to return the fire and passion to your marriage.



Blended Families

Blended families are a fact of life today. Our experienced counselors work with blended families to assist with the new family dynamic and ease the transition to the extended family.

Sex Therapy

Intimacy is an important part of a successful relationship. Our compassionate staff can work with you to identify the underlying issues impacting your sexual relationship with your spouse and work with you to resolve them.



Pre-Martial Counseling

Getting engaged can be very exciting. Before getting married, it is important to ensure that the love and connection will continue to grow between each couple. At CCPNM, we strive to help newly engaged couples discuss how they envision their marriage and grow together as one.

Marriage at a Crisis

Marriage is a bond like no other. It takes work, sacrifice, and commitment. At CCPNM, we understand that marriages can be tough at times and we want to assist you and your spouse during any crisis or trial.



Healing from the Past

It is important to move from the past to plan for a better present and future. At CCPNM, we are dedicated to helping married couples work through individual issues in order to restore healing and love in their marriage.

Marriage Life Classes

We offer Life Classes to help you rebuild, rejuvenate, and restore your marriage.


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We offer individual, family, and group counseling and can create a counseling program to meet your specific challenge.