Life Changes

Life changes may cause conflicting feelings. Often, life changes can bring new adventure for some. While others, experience negative adjustment.

Life Changes

 Are you experiencing a life change or transition? Life changes can consist of losing a job, moving, empty nest, retirement, career counseling, healing, and injuries/illnesses. If so, our staff is happy to guide you through the life change you are experiencing in a positive light.

Loss of of a Job

Times are tough, especially when someone loses a job. Our goal is to help an individual process loss of employment and regain their confidence to stay hopeful.


A diagnosis of a illness affects the individual, their daily life, and family. It is important to effectively cope with diagnosis. Injuries can also be a major setback for many individuals. Our staff wants to walk with you and your family through this difficult time.


Retirement is usually a very exciting time. But, some individuals are nervous of the unknown and free time. Our counselors want to work closely with you to make the transition to retirement and enjoy this new change in your life.


Moving is a time of excitement and new opportunity, but also a time of uncertainty and change. At CCPNM, we understand that moving may spark many emotions. We want to make individuals and families to feel comfortable confiding in us during the transition of moving.

Empty Nest

Many parents have a difficult time watching their children fly the nest. Once all the kids leave, being “empty nesters” can affect the parent’s daily life. We are dedicated to helping parents work through their emotions and find enjoyment in their transition to an empty nest.

Career Counseling

Deciding what field is your calling is stressful. Need help? We are here to guide you through the career options of your choice to find one that best suits you.

Healing from the Past

When stuck in a rut, it is hard to see a brighter future. We offer healing from past trials in order to help individuals embrace the future and life transitions.

Life Change Classes

Christian Counseling Professionals offers classes to help people navigate the challenges of life.

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