Family Counseling

Families are the root to which we learn, discover, and carry our experiences throughout our lifetime. It is important that family is the foundation of everything in our lives.

Family Counseling

Families are the stronghold that we fall back on when life’s trials are too much. In order to do so, the family has to effectively work through any obstacles together. This could include blending families, anger, finances, divorce, and domestic violence/trauma recovery. Our staff is committed to meeting you and your family where you are.


Blended Families

The transition to a blended family can be more difficult for some family members more than others. If your family is experiencing trouble with this transition, our counselors are willing to help the family unit as a whole adjust to their new family dynamic.


Anger is a frustrating emotion to experience. No matter the circumstance or situation a family or member of the family is going through, our staff wants to help move past this emotion and find ways to deal with their anger.



Family Structure

A family needs to establish a distinct structure and schedule. This encourages the family to work together through everything life brings. At CCPNM, we are happy to discuss and create a structure and schedule that works for all members of the family.


Is your family struggling with finances? We are here to talk through the financial burdens you are going through, and figure out how to decrease stress by creating strategies to plan and outline family finances.



Divorce Recovery

After a marriage ends, it is important for those involved to cope with the emotions and know it is not the end of the road. Our counselors are here to assist any emotions an individual is feeling after a divorce, to help them recovery and restore happiness in their life.

Domestic Violence Recovery

Domestic Violence victims often struggle to cope with the painful memories and feelings. At CCPNM, our staff wants to help those who have experienced Domestic Violence to recover, discover freedom from the chains of domestic violence, and restore their happiness.



Trauma Recovery

Trauma can leave one feeling hopeless. Our staff wants to restore hope in individuals and families by walking alongside them, and conquering the emotions that come after traumatic events.

Healing from the Past

Healing from past events is important for individuals and families to look forward to the future. Our staff is committed to helping families heal from any past trial.


Life Classes for Families

Christian Counseling Professional offers a variety of Life Classes to help with a variety of family issues.

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