Children and Parent Counseling

A parent and child bond is like no other.  A parent makes a lasting impression on their children. Therefore, it is critical for children and parents to work together through the many trials of life.

Children and Parent Counseling

A parent and child’s interaction is a bond that is unique. Sometimes there are difficulties in having effective communication and a strong bond with children. Whether behavioral issues, adoption concerns, attachment struggles, blended families, friendships, ADHD, or school concerns, we are here to help. Our counselors are committed to you and your child working through any issues that may arise.


Behavioral Issues

Many parents often feel hopeless when their children is experiencing behavioral issues. Our staff at CCPNM is dedicated to work through and identify the behavioral milestones a child is going through, in order to revitalize the parent and child bond.

Adoption and Foster Concerns

Deciding to adopt can be a very difficult process. We are committed to helping new adoptive/foster parents discuss their struggles, as well as work with children of adoption/foster care who are having trouble adjusting.



Attachment Issues

A child’s attachment to their parents is essential and shines through all the relationships they develop throughout their life. At CCPNM, our counselors want to work closely to assist you and your child on forming a healthy and happy attachment.

Blended Families

Transitioning to a blended family can be a struggle for some kids. New siblings, family members, and schedules take time and adjustment. Our staff works with blended family members to provide a smooth transition for all those involved.



Friendships and Social Issues

It is critical for children to have a positive relationships in school. We want to talk with you and your child about their friendships in their academic setting, and provide support for any social issues the child or parent is noticing.

Academic Concerns

Some children struggle with transitioning to school. In order to help work through any academic hurdles, our staff is committed to discussing with the parent and child their concerns and identifying how to receive the extra academic support the child needs.




During childhood, some parents notice and receive a diagnosis that their child has ADHD. We are here to support the child and family, as well as discuss strategies to assist their child.

Healing from the Past

Looking forward to the future is important for children to effectively heal and grow. Our staff wants to help you and your family move past the situations and trials that have held you back to navigate to a more promising future.


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