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Christian Counseling Professionals is a full-service, multi-specialty behavioral health care clinic. We are staffed with licensed, experienced therapists with expertise in treating emotional and behavioral problems.

Our services combine modern therapeutic practices with Christian principles, with God’s love providing a guiding hand in all of our work. We are committed to helping you heal, strengthen your resources, repair your relationships, strengthen your family and live a full life.

We work in partnership with pastors, pastoral staff, teachers, employers, and other referral sources. Our treatment staff is licensed by the state and we accept many insurance plans.

We are here to serve you. Contact us to talk with one of our counselors and see if we can help you.

Having thus a fond affection for you, we were well pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but our own lives, because you had become very dear to us.
I Thess 2:8 NASV

Our Areas of Expertise

Marriage Counseling

Families can be our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Family conflicts can be some of the most difficult to deal with because they occur at home, where we expect to be the most relaxed and comfortable. At Christian Counseling, we offer faith-based counseling for all family and relationship issues.

Depression & Anxiety Counseling

Depression and anxiety are serious illnesses that can cause major disruptions in an individual’s life. They impact the patient’s ability to interact with others, perform everyday tasks, work and lead a healthy, happy life.

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Crisis Counseling

Christian Counseling’s offers compassionate, experienced counseling services for individuals who are in crisis. When you need immediate help, we are there to assist you through the crisis and to provide long-term support as you heal, gain strength and learn to live your life to its fullest potential.

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Conflict Resolution

We all manage conflict as we navigate throughout our daily lives. Sometimes, however, we face conflicts that we need help resolving. These may be difficulties at home, with your spouse or children, that could destroy the fabric of your family, or at work, with a coworker or boss that impact your ability to do your job.

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Career and Work-Related Counseling

Christian Counseling Professionals offers career counseling and work-related counseling to assist you be successful in your career while remaining true to your Christian principles.

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Grief & Loss Counseling

We all experience grief and loss at one time during our lives. Working with someone who understands what you are experiencing can help you cope with the emotions and help you manage your live while you grieve.

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, affect a large number of children, teenagers, and adults. While many of the patients who have an eating disorder are teenage girls, the disease is also found in younger children, adults and teenage boys. The underlying causes of the disease are usually emotional issues that need to be treated in order for long-term recovery to take place.

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Sex Therapy

Couples and individuals come to Linda Walker for help with a variety of sexual issues. These issues may include: a struggle with disillusionment, lack of physical and emotional closeness, and sexual misunderstanding. Others may be doing well in their relationship and simply want help making specific aspects better.

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We offer individual, family, and group counseling and can create a counseling program to meet your specific challenge.