Our Staff

Gary+Webb SQ

Gary Webb

M.ED, LPCC | Clinic Director

Bobbie Anderson

LMHC | Adolescents & Adults
Cynthia+Taylor sq

Cynthia Taylor

LMHC | Children, Adolescents, & Adults
Di'+Anna+Dugger sq

Di’Anna Dugger

LMHC | Adolescents & Adults
Jim+Sandell SQ

Jim Sandel

LMHC | Marriage & Family
Johanna Depalma

Johanna DePalma

Karina Bell

Karina Bell

LMHC | Adolescents & Adults
Kathy+Tesh SQ

Kathy Tesh

LMHC | Adults
Kay+Chase SQ

Kay Chase

LPCC | Adults
Linda+Walker SQ

Linda Walker

LPCC, CST | Adults
Rose+Langland SQ

Rose Langland

LISW | Adults & Seniors
Roylee+Accetta SQ

Roylee Accetta

LMHC | Adolescents, Adults, & Seniors
Terry+Koehler SQ

Terry Koehler

LPCC | Children, Adults, & Seniors
Tom+Taylor SQ

Thomas Taylor

LPCC | Adolescents, Adults, & Seniors

Tracy Torres

Office Manager
Tyra Fox

Tyra Fox

Clinical Counseling Intern

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